Fun Stuff

  • Greyhounds are used as blood donors for other dogs because their blood is the richest.
  • Some parrots can live to be 60 years old.
  • To be a Veterinarian you need to have great grades, take four years of college, four years of veterinary medical school and have to pass an extensive board exam to earn your doctorate before you can practice. And to continue practicing you must take continuing education courses throughout your life.
  • Cats, if falling can put all four paws facing the ground in less than 1/2 a second.
  • Studies have shown that people with pets tend to live longer than those without pets.
  • Also, children that grow up with pets tend to have less allergies.
  • The Sea Otter floats on his back and uses his chest as a dining table with his front feet as hands. He also uses rocks to smash open calm shells.

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Coloring Pages

8 pg Ownership tips for kids
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Cartoon Dog
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Cat Outline
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Activity Sheets

Agility Matching
Breed Differences
Canine Words
Megan Meets a Mastiff
Canine Crossword
Who’s That Dog?
Winter Hazards – Maze
Interview Questionnaire
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Animals that are Pets
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Designing a Dog Park
Where did that Breed Come From?
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Bailey Goes Home
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W-K9 Individual pet tax form
In Case of Emergency Pet Info Form
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Kids Craft – Make an Animal Mask
My Favorite Breed
The Seven Groups – Match
Responsible Dog Owner – Crossword
Newfie Story Starter
Safety Checklist for Kids
Judge the Deed, Not the Breed
Doggie Time! – Daily Schedule
Bernese Mtn Dog Story Starter
How Many can you Find?
Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?
Sniff & Find

Info Sheets

The cost of Responsible Dog Ownership
What’s the Right Dog for me?
Agility Obstacles
Flex with Care – Extendable Leads
Drive Safely with Your Dog
Puppies Don’t Stay little for long
Dogs and Loud Noises
Dogs & Cats Living Peacefully Together
Look Before you Leap – A Dog is for Keeps
Protect Your Dog from Dangers in your Yard
What’s the right Dog for me?
Foods & Household Products – Dangerous to your dog
Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean Can Help Keep Him Healthy!
Are you Prepared – Disaster preparation Checklist
Puppies are NOT Stocking Stuffers
Don’t Leave your Dog in a Hot Car
Consider Rescuing a Purebred Rescue Dog
Holiday Caution List
Boat Safely with your dog
Canine Curtsey
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A dog is for Life
Dog Show Etiquette
Deed not Breed
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And Baby Makes four
Have you “Winterized” Your Dog?
Tips on Basic Care for your Dog
Hazardous Plants
Benefits of a Trained Dog
How to keep your dog from barking